Undisputed environmental heritage of Sardinia, the beaches of San Teodoro stretch over 37 km of coastline, one after the other among granite cliffs of rare beauty and soft beaches of fine white sand, often close to wetlands of great naturalistic interest. There are no paid beaches: all beaches are free; among the 12 main beaches of San Teodoro, 3 can be easily reached from the city centre: La Cintabeach, the beach of Cala D'Ambra and Isuledda beach.

The restaurant La Taverna degli Artisti is right at La Cinta beach, surrounded by this beautiful sea.


It can be reached via highway 125 by travelling towards San Teodoro - Olbia, almost at the main entrance junction to the town of San Teodoro. It can also be reached from the city centre. The main beach of San Teodoro, with its gently sloping seabed and completely free of rocks; three kilometers of fine white sand dunes, where juniper, sea lily and helichrysum grow, overlooking limpid and brilliant turquoise waters and with the great lagoon of San Teodoro behind it. Delimited in the north by the mouth connecting the lagoon with the open sea and in the south by the breakwater arms
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